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“The practice of medicine is an art,
based on science.”
—Dr. William Osler

Transdermal Bioidentical Hormone Therapy


Historical Perspective

The professionals at WomanWell, Inc., prescribe a unique combination of natural female hormones derived from soy. These are usually delivered to the body in the form of a simple skin lotion. For nearly three decades European women have been using topical estrogen lotions prescribed by their physicians to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Dr. Carolyn Shaak, the founder of WomanWell, Inc., works with specialized pharmacists to formulate custom compounded bioidentical hormones for menopausal women. Combining bioidentical estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone in a single topical lotion to treat menopause symptoms was a concept Dr. Shaak patented in 1997 and developed into the HRT lotion now known as TransProET.

Customizing the Compound

The Art and Science of medicine were both employed in the development of TransProET, a unique triple hormone transdermal compounded therapy for the relief of menopausal symptoms.

Prescribing the right transdermal (Trans) compound of progesterone (Pro), estradiol (E), and testosterone (T) requires the blending of SCIENCE—serum hormone levels and other laboratory measures, and ART—skillful interpretation and evaluation of your stage of menopause, general health and risk factors, and the troublesome symptoms that led you to consult with us.

Art and Science are also employed in the creation of a consistent, stable, and reliably potent HRT lotion. It is important to use a pharmacy that specializes in the Art and Science of Compounding.

TransProET formulations may change as you proceed through your menopausal years. We will work with you throughout your entire menopause to ensure that your TPET formula provides the lowest effective and safe levels of hormone replacement therapy needed to address your symptoms and therapeutic goals.

Symptomatic Relief

The compounded HRT lotion, TransProET, prescribed at WomanWell, Inc., relieves hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness. Hormone restoration with TransProET usually results in improved libido and enhances sexual satisfaction. This topical hormone therapy improves the thickness and elasticity of collagen, the appearance of skin, the strength of muscle and the density of bone.

Remarkable symptomatic relief and important physiologic improvements are seen with transdermal bioidentical hormone replacement therapies such as TransProET.

Safety Concerns

Transdermal use of bioidentical hormones conveys all of the benefits of conventional synthetic oral HRT, without increasing certain well documented cardiovascular risk factors.

Women have been advised to stop using HRT because of a significant increase in heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary emboli associated with oral synthetic pills. Synthetic pills, such as Prempro, have been associated with an increase blood clots, an increase in blood pressure, an increase in blood vessel inflammation, and an increase in gall stones formation.

However, dozens of scientific studies indicate that hormones delivered transdermally such as TransProET, do not increase the aforementioned risk factors.

TranProET is formulated with hormones identical to those your body made before menopause. The bioidentical formulations are designed to relieve menopausal symptoms with a virtual absence of side effects.

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